Data visualization refers to the representation of information and data using pictorials, graphs, and charts to provide an easy way to see trends, outliers, and patterns in data, or grasp difficult concepts.

Below is a description of each type of chart/graph and design best practice for each.

  1. Bar Chart (horizontal bar graph)

A bar graph or a bar chart is a pictograph that uses bars instead of pictures to display information. Bar graphs can be vertical or horizontal. In this article, graphs with vertical bars are called column graphs or column charts. …

In the recent past (pre-COVID era and current time), working from home has gained popularity among many employees. The idea of freedom and flexibility has become plausible for not only the employees but also organizations for obvious reasons such as cutting costs on office space. Working from home sounds enjoyable, right?

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Well, not for everyone. Working from home also has its fair share of unique challenges. Some people may find it tough to adjust to the newfound freedom. …

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Critical thinking is a cognitive activity that involves using the mind in a thinking process that is rational, clear, informed by evidence and open to different opinions. Critical thinking heavily relies on exploring evidence to identify the obvious and the hidden messages more accurately, and to comprehend the processes by which arguments are constructed, thus it is more about methods than natural traits or personality.

Quality MEAL processes need a consistent dedication to critical thinking from beginning to end. Project teams always apply certain approaches to the design, planning, and implementation of MEAL activities. …

“A huge number of jobs that are filled are never advertised to the public, or if they are, they’re filled by people who have a connection to the employer.” ― Melanie Pinola

Many people have no idea that LinkedIn, the professional social networking site, has been in existence longer than Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snap chat. Its relevance has only been recognized in recent years, making it home to a network of more than 500 million professional profiles.

The platform, with its unlimited supply of job opportunities and network connections, stands out as forum for crafting your personal brand including…

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